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FOREST-BODY-CHAIR at Mildred's Lane

Julia O. Bianco, Rachel Schmoker, Sara Smith

Acknowledgments of the Honorable Guest

Gina Siepel, Ainsley Steeves, Samiha Tasnim, Lotte Kliros Walworth

I Have Questions

Ruby Waldo


FOREST-BODY-CHAIR is a project of RAY (the collaborative team of Gina Siepel and Sara Smith), using wooden chairs as an occasion to explore entwined ecological, embodied, and social questions connected to their construction and use. A three-week workshop version of FOREST-BODY-CHAIR at Mildred’s Lane in July 2021 brought together participant-fellows and guest artists for conversation and experimentation across somatic, greenwood construction, and fieldwork practices. Meditation Ocean was introduced into the session, allowing for additional associations to be made between forests and oceans, as well as contemplation of breath as an environmental process and metaphor. Participants were invited to develop meditation scripts collaboratively or on their own. 

Gently flow into a seated position that is comfortable for you

Sit or lay in a way that helps you to breathe easy

Perhaps your head is towards the sky

Legs are crossed

Hands are resting on your knees

Palms facing the ground beneath you

Cast your gaze downward

Or slowly drift your eyelids together




Notice the flow of your breath,

Inhale — Air is gently entering through your nose

Exhale — allow it to softly release




Receive the breath into your belly

Release the breath, allowing tension to subside

Notice the rise and fall of your chest with every breath




Allow your thoughts to come and go

Like waves kissing a sandy shore

Some thoughts may linger

Others may easily float away

Let them be and keep breathing




You are fully supported by the ground beneath you

You are one body with many parts

Connected to the universe

and all that is around you

Just breathe




With your lips resting together

And your tongue settled onto the floor of your mouth

Breathe into your throat

An oceanic breath

Inhale and exhale through the nose

Can you hear yourself breathe?




Breathe into your heart

Filling your belly, then your chest

Expand into the present moment

Keep breathing




Breathe into your belly

Carry the air just above the belly button

Hold the breath [pause]

And sigh it out


Breathe into your belly

Let the air flow below your belly button

Hold the breath [pause]

And sigh it out


Breathe into the belly

Let the air deep dive into the root of your being

Hold the breath [pause]

And sigh it out


How does it feel to breathe?

To float in the sea of your awareness?

Keep breathing


Take your awareness to the top of your head

And let it drift slowly and steadily down the body toward your eyes, your lips

Your neck

Your shoulders

Your arms


Notice your chest

Your belly

Your hips

Your thighs







Feel yourself becoming more grounded

And more present on the land you sit upon


Breathe in

And float your arms above your head for a stretch

Slowly bringing your palms together

Exhale and let your palms sink down towards your heart

Thumbs touching your chest


You are ocean

Fluid and free flowing

You are made of micro-organisms, tissues, and organs

Comprised of trillions of cells working together to help you thrive

There is no separation between you and all creation

“You are not a drop in the ocean,

You are the entire ocean in a drop” —Rumi


Release your hands

And when you are ready

Slowly drift your eyelids apart

Welcoming the light

Return to the space you are in

Tifani Kendrick

Breath-Centered Meditation to Connect with Creation