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FOREST-BODY-CHAIR at Mildred's Lane

Julia O. Bianco, Rachel Schmoker, Sara Smith

Acknowledgments of the Honorable Guest

Gina Siepel, Ainsley Steeves, Samiha Tasnim, Lotte Kliros Walworth

I Have Questions

Ruby Waldo


FOREST-BODY-CHAIR is a project of RAY (the collaborative team of Gina Siepel and Sara Smith), using wooden chairs as an occasion to explore entwined ecological, embodied, and social questions connected to their construction and use. A three-week workshop version of FOREST-BODY-CHAIR at Mildred’s Lane in July 2021 brought together participant-fellows and guest artists for conversation and experimentation across somatic, greenwood construction, and fieldwork practices. Meditation Ocean was introduced into the session, allowing for additional associations to be made between forests and oceans, as well as contemplation of breath as an environmental process and metaphor. Participants were invited to develop meditation scripts collaboratively or on their own. 

Orient yourself to the present moment

Bringing focus to your place in this world.

Take this moment to take a breath

And bring awareness to the body.


Take an inhale and reach arms overhead,

Stretching fingertips toward the sky, clear and expansive.

Exhale and lower the arms

Again, bringing awareness to the body.

Inhale the breath as arms reach higher toward the sky

Exhale as the arms release


Inhale as you imagine the body lengthening

Exhale as you lower your gaze,

And look to our blue planet,

Our liquid world,

Vast seas swirling,

Oceans offering,

Familiar and foreign,

Together, breathing.


Together breathing,

the ebb and flow.

Together breathing,

The exchange of gases,

Together breathing,

Recycling the same oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide

Together, breathing.

Inhale for one, two counts, hold the breath for a moment,

Exhale for one, two, three counts


Inhale for one, two counts, expanding the lungs, hold

Exhale for one, two, three counts


And sip the air for one, two counts, hold

Exhale for one, two, three, maybe four counts, with ease of breath


We are air and water,

Breath and body

Buoyant in clear blue green light.

Imagine the body weight,


Our liquid world,



Atmosphere and ocean

Breath and body

Our shared survival.

Continue to inhale for one, two,

taking in a little less than you

Exhale for one, two, three or four,

giving more.

Imagine our sea for one, two

Exhale and wonder at the wonder of water, giving for two, three, four.


Inhale, imagine abundant life

Exhale, give and the sea gives back.


Inhale, what do we want to breathe?

Exhale, a sense of calm and peace.


Inhale, imagine translucent waters

Exhale, water is life.


Inhale, collective breath

Exhale, preserve.


Inhale, awareness

Exhale, protect.


Inhale, resilient

Exhale, restore.


Inhale, what do we need to breathe?

Exhale, clean air and clean water


How do we know we belong here?

We are breath and body


Inhale, take less

Exhale, give more


Inhale, take less

Exhale, give more




We are atmosphere and ocean


We are breath and body.


We are air and water.

Rachel Hilton

Air and Water