Breathe: An Artist-led Meditation Series 

Participants were invited to learn and discover in a meditation series featuring Hope Ginsburg, Cadine Navarro, and Anaïs Duplan, all artists and meditation practitioners. Each artist led 2 meditation sessions or “chapters” from March–April 2023 that connected breathwork and their artistic practice, either virtually or in person.

M.O. artist/director Hope Ginsburg's pair of Breathe chapters offered a dive into mindfulness for beginning and experienced meditators. The sessions explored connections between two ecosystems: the far-flung coral reef of the Meditation Ocean installation and the local Schiermeir Olentangy Wetlands Research Park, which participants visited as a group to practice walking meditation.

Poet and artist Anaïs Duplan led sessions connecting our bodies and our creativity. Through mindfulness practice, Duplan led the group in two virtual sessions, nurturing our connections with our bodies and our innate sense of imagination.

Cadine Navarro welcomed participants into her immersive installation. It Sounds Like Love at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center. This guided indoor/outdoor meditative experience encouraged participants to develop a different relationship to the sensory world.

The sessions culminated with the Wexner Center's Director's Dialogue: Breathe on April 20, 2023. Anaïs Duplan, Hope Ginsburg, and Cadine Navarro joined in a public conversation with moderator Dora Kamau to reflect on how breathwork and meditation connect to their artistic practice. 

Text adapted from the Meditation Ocean Programming Impact Report

Images from the Schiermeier Olentangy Wetlands Research Park session and the Director's Dialogue.